Law Offices of Curtis, Vasile, Mehary & Dorry P.C.
Areas of Practice


Automobile Liability

Catastrophic Injury Litigation

Civil Rights

Commercial Litigation

Construction Law

Declaratory Judgments

Directors and Officers’ Liability

Dram Shop Liability

Examinations Under Oath

Fire Loss

Governmental Liability

Highway Law

Insurance Law and Coverage Disputes

Landlord-Tenant Law


Libel & Slander


Municipal Liability

Navigation Law

No-Fault Litigation

Personal Injury Litigation

Personal Property Law

Premises Liability

Products Liability

Property Damage

Public Authorities Law

Railroad Law

Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Transactions

Real Property Actions and Proceedings

School District Liability

SIU and Fraud


Town Law

Toxic Tort and Environmental

Transportation Law

UM/SUM Arbitration

Vehicle and Traffic Law

Village Law
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